Automated Trading Modules

From the past experiences of the founders, Price & Trade acquired an absolute mastery in automated real time applications. The following modules ran successfully in a production environment and allowed users to have leading positions against competitors in the market.




They have been designed for derivatives instruments but some of them can be easily adapted to others types of contracts.


Detecting and trading market opportunities


We speak of opportunities as soon as the price of an order in the market is interesting compared to its theoretical price. That's why this module only handle instruments with theoretically priced prices like derivatives.

The Opportunity Viewer module improves market opportunities detection. They're grouped inside a single window, and put in decreasing profit order. The user grabs an opportunity in as an easy manner as a double click. The level of profit required for an opportunity to become visible can be configured for each contract.

The Sniper module is an automatic trading application of the Opportunity Viewer that allows the user catch market opportunities as they appear on the market. Each option contract can be configured independently.

This module has proved to be very fast in competition with other market participants while in production.


Quoting and answer quote requests


This module has been mainly designed for derivatives market makers.

The Quoter module is an automatic application that allows the user to fulfil his market-making obligations: Each option contract can be configured to be quoted continuously or appear during a laps of time once a market Quote Request has been received.


Combination of single instruments


The Cogito module is an automatic application that allows relizing dynamic strategies composed of two or three legs among a range of possibilities predefined by the user.

The Cogito allows to define all conceivable two legs strategies.

It continuously listens to market limits updates for monitored contracts and send a composite order has soon has one strategy can be accomplished with the level of profitability required by the user.

The Cogito module has proved to be highly profitable on derivatives markets which did not provide any built-in strategies like the Liffe Connect Strategies.


Automatic hedging


The Hedger module is designed specifically for derivatives instruments. The management of this type of instrument often need hedging on pricing underlyings.

This module permits to hedge automatically portfolios when pricing underlying has moved. The trigger of the hedging order can be configured in relation of parameters like volatility.


Quantitative strategies trading


The Quantitative module is designed to be used with algorithmic strategies modules. These modules, often black-boxes, define strategies based on market data and signals detection.

The Quantitative module permits to handle strategies and convert them in orders. It requires tailored-made developments to be able to receive and understand strategies.




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