Markets Accesses Module

The markets accesses are provided by the Price & Trade MGateway module. It is the link between the exchanges trading platforms and the others Price & Trade modules.

It transforms exchanges based datas and protocols to internal datas and protocols. It permits to use the same graphical user interfaces (GUI) modules to access to different exchanges.

Fix Access



Native accesses


The market connections can be done directly on exchanges trading platform hardware entry points. In this situation, users have to use native accesses. It means they have to use developments based on exchanges software interfaces.

This solution is really necessary when the speed is a crucial parameter for your applications.

Price & Trade provides actually three connections in native forms and certified by exchanges in the MGateway module:


Bloomberg® Access


The market connections can also be done through brokers, banks or market data providers. In this situation, users have to use broker, bank or data providers provided accesses. It means they have to use developments based on broker, bank or data providers' connections and protocols specifications.

Price & Trade has developed a Bloomberg® connection in the MGateway module. This connection permits to have access to all real time markets data and all financial instruments' descriptions provided by Bloomberg®.

This solution is an easy access to worldwide real time data. Trading functionnalities are not included in this solution.


FIX Access


From last five past years, a standardized protocol FIX (Financial Information eXchange) has been adopted by most of the brokers, banks, market data providers and exchanges.

It's why Price & Trade has developed a FIX protocol connection in the MGateway module. Even if the speed is not as fast as native interface, it permits to be independent of the market data providers and have access to all exchanges.





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