Positions Management Modules

The Price & Trade Positions Management modules have a central position in a complete application. They allow users to build their portfolios with chosen instruments, control, analyse and price positions generated by trades, control the trades, generate reporting and matching documents.

Price & Trade provides two types of Positions Management. One designed for derivatives market-making and one designed for multi strategies.



Positions Management modules are completely interconnected with other modules like trading modules and MGateways. That's why the can collects trades in real time, no matter their origin:

  • Automatically generated when coming from an exchange as a result of an action from the screen or automated trading.
  • Manually entered.

Market-making management


The Positions Management module designed for market-making allows the users to create a portfolio only through the options class wanted. All the instruments members of this class will be automatically integrated and later all new instruments generated by exchanges will be also automatically integrated. It permits to have complete up to date view of the class, manage all pricing parameters even if no position has been opened.

The instruments are organized and displayed in a MGrid by expiries in the strike order as shown in the following overview.


Multi strategies management


The Positions Management module designed for multi strategies allow the user to create group of instruments called strategies. Strategies coming from Quantitative strategies module are automatically integrated.

All strategies are displayed in the same screen and can be summed or developed to access to all instruments thanks to the PTGrid tool as shown in the following overview.




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