Screen Trading Module

Price & Trade provides a Screen Trading module to trade on instruments from portfolios defined in Positions Management modules

Trading with the Screen Trading is intuitive and has been designed to provide maximum reactivity to the trader.

The graphical user interface (GUI) is based on the MGrid tool where market data are displayed. The trader trades through configurable mouse-click action on this grid. It permits, more particularly for derivative market-making portfolios with configurable events coloured cells to have a real overview of the market. You can see an example in the following overview.

Moreover, two specifics functionalities have been implemented in the Screen Trading module:



Smart orders


In addition to usual order types, Screen Trading module offers user-fitted functionalities:

  • Automatic Hedge

The Automatic Hedge can be configured on a per-order basis for all kind of contracts and orders. The user can choose to automatically hedge by default for fast order entry.

  • Iceberg and Stop orders

Implemented inside the software for futures, stocks and options, they are made available to the users even though the exchange isn't providing the functionality.

  • Updatable Order

These orders look like quoting orders but on a single side. This functionality allow the user to quicly insert an order that will move along with the underlying price and preserve the profit margin existing at the first insertion time


Liffe Connect™ strategies


The derivative trading platform Liffe Connect™ provides strategies (combination of derivatives instruments) which are specifically defined for this market. It means that, to trade these strategies, Price & Trade has to add a specific functionality fully integrated inside the Screen Trading module.

The user is allowed through a specific grid based on MGrid tool to put any kind of orders on a Liffe Connect™ Strategy, to configure the strategy so as to respond to quote requests or to quote continuously with the Quoter module, or transfer monitoring to the Sniper module.

The user can also create a new Liffe Connect™ Strategy of any kind very easily.




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