Technological Tools

Along its financial development Price & Trade has built a set of technological tools which can be integrated in any application, financial or not.







The Price & Trade MMessenger module is a Messages-Oriented Middleware (MOM) developed in C++.

A middleware is connectivity software that consists of a set of enabling services that allow multiple processes running on one or more machines to interact across a network.

Messages-Oriented Middleware provides program-to-program data exchange, enabling the creation of distributed applications. MOM is analogous to email in the sense it is asynchronous and requires the recipients of messages to interpret their meaning and to take appropriate action. The big difference is that a MOM is far faster than email: throughput can be up to 40 000 messages per second.

After having initially developed the connectivity of the modules around the commercial solution Tibco RendezVous™, Price & Trade has developed its own proprietary solution to improve speed, security and flexibility.

- MMessenger is a very fast MOM, using a Multicast Network Architecture.

- MMessenger detects network failures and has an automatic reconnection system.

- MMessenger can seamlessly be integrated in C++ and Java applications.

So Price & Trade modules are now adapted both for the MMessenger and Tibco RendezVous™.



The Price & Trade MGrid is a high performances graphical grid developed in Java. It is designed to be integrated in all applications that have to display numerous values in a grid-like manner.

Its display is fully and easily configurable. It includes a very useful tree grid functionality which permits to summarize or develop rows as tree leafs.




The Price & Trade MGraphical2D is a graphical tool developed in Java. It permits to draw graphics in 2D like functions representation (associated with the function parser PTParser) and to manage user interactions (mouse-click, mouse-drag,...).




The Price & Trade MGraphical3D is a graphical tool developed in Java. It permits to draw surfaces in 3D. It includes many useful functionalities : zoom, rotations, colours handling, moving grid surface which can follow the 3 axes to represent a level, ...




The Price & Trade PTParser permits to parse a mathematical function from predefined readable string elements. It is very useful to implement users' defined functions in applications.




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